OCAM²K-WFS OPTION - First Light Imaging - EMCCD, e-APD, InGaAs Camera
Informations OCAM²K-WFS OPTION


OCAM²K-WFS  is a high speed low noise Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor able to run at 2067 fps with sub-electron readout noise. To achieve this performance, OCAM²K-WFS uses the E2V Technologies CCD 220 EMCCD, which is an 8 outputs split frame transfer CCD.

To minimize smearing, the CCD220 high speed metal buttressed clock lines are driven by OCAM²K-WFS at a speed as high as 7 Mlines/s transfering each frame in the store section in only 12 microseconds.

The Wavefront Sensor is provided in standard with 40×40 or 20×20 Micro-lenses array (fused silica, AR coating). Specific μLenses array can be fitted. Custom is available upon request. Contact us for more details.

OCAM2-WFS offers an extremely low latency: 43μs between exposure and first pixel availability


Main Features

>  20×20 or 40×40 Subapertures Wavefront Sensor

>  240×240 pixels state of the art EMCCD

>  Wide 24 μm pixels

>  Sub-electron readout noise*

>  Up to 2067 FPS Full Frame

>  Available at 2000 fps

>  95% peak QE typical (Deep Depletion Silicon option)

>  14 bits precision A/D converter

>  Cooled operation for low dark current

>  Integrated cooling temperature controller

>  Fully sealed resistant aluminum body with low thermal gradient

>  Ultra-low latency CameraLinkTM Full interface: 43µs

>  Clock & trigger input / output for synchronous operation

>  Custom design and Read Out modes available upon request


* with EMCCD Gain

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